Staff Training

INSET available as full day, half day or twilight training sessions.

Craig has delivered over 100 training sessions at conferences, on INSET days and as twilights in the last 3 years. He is currently taking bookings to deliver training for Spring and Summer Terms and has already taken several bookings for training in 2020/21. Training sessions are tailored to suit each client's requirements so half-day sessions can be delivered as twilights and vice versa.

Craig has 2 courses which will be taking place at the Manygates Centre, Sandal, Wakefield in the near future. The cost of places will be £80 per delegate on each course. The courses are:

1) Working with families – to develop strong relationships, home learning and improve pupil outcomes

Co-presented by Craig Batley and Dave Cope

The course was originally due to take place on 23rd April 2020 but was postponed due to the Coravirus; it will be rescheduled at a later date.

This course is particularly suitable for senior leaders, Learning Mentors and pastoral staff.

2) Adult and Pupil Talk: developing high quality questioning, vocabulary and interaction

Thursday 21st May 2020 – 9.15 to 11.45 a.m.

This course is suitable for all staff and is also available as a 2-hour twilight. Please send an e-mail if you would like further details.

The following half-day courses have been successfully delivered in 2020; they are now available as 2-hour twilights (see list below):

1) 'Succesful Subject Leadership - impact and improvement in your curriculum'

This course has been updated for 2020 and is suitable for senior leaders, middle leaders and subject leaders.

This course covers all of the following:

  • What should a subject leader be doing?
  • How has the Ofsted focus evolved and how might this inform our subject leadership?
  • Setting a direction for your subject – what should your vision focus on?
  • Writing action plans - good and bad practice
  • Why is pupil voice important?
  • What do you need to do when? Annula, termly and weekly tasks
  • Making an impact and measuring it - systems for monitoring
  • Manageability and delegation - how to make an impact and keep a work/life balance
  • Taking colleagues with you
  • Working with stakeholders
  • Working in collaboration - in-house and externally and working with stakeholders

2) 'Developing Scaffolding and Self-Regulation ... to increase pupils' independence and accelerate their learning '

This course has been updated for 2020 and is suitable for all staff.

This course has the following objectives:

  • To learn more about scaffolding and to understand the scaffolding framework
  • To consider the importance of having strong models to support pupils’ learning and growing independence
  • To explore the term “learned helplessness” and to consider how adults can make children dependent
  • To explore what we need to do in relation to scaffolding to support children’s growing independence, self-regulation and learning
  • To reflect on the links between scaffolding and developing pupils’ self-regulation and independence
  • To understand the research around the importance of pupils’ ability to self-regulate

Twilight Training

Craig's 5 most popular twilight training courses have been:

  • 'Successful Subject Leadership - impact and improvement in your curriculum'
  • 'Developing Scaffolding and Self-Regulation ... to increase pupils' independence and to accelerate their learning'
  • 'Making it as a Middle Leader'
  • 'NQTs - practical approaches for positive results'
  • 'Maximising the Impact of Support Staff on Learning'

If you want more details or feedback from previous participants on any of these courses then please contact Craig.